January 8th, 2013
WOW! The 18th Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza is off to a record-breaking start and on the way to another sold-out festival! Tickets are selling well ahead of last year, and as of January 1st more than 1000 tickets have already been sold! HarvestMoon credits these record sales to an effective early ticket scaling strategy and an aggressive online sales campaign. To view highlights of last year's festival, watch the video below.
January 16th, 2012
We are so saddened to lose our business associate, fellow friend, and ticketing guru, Danny Lipco of Vallitix/DBL Entertainment who passed away suddenly this past weekend. He made us realize there really are sincere people in the wacky entertainment industry, and that yes, “village idiot pricing” does exist. “Man, I’m telling ya,” we’ll really miss him!