Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza

The Taste of a Social Experience

In 1996, Mammoth Brewing Company (MBC) was just getting started as a local microbrewery in California’s Eastern High Sierra. The owner, a successful restaurateur in Mammoth Lakes, needed a way to introduce and increase demand for his handcrafted beers to visitors and residents in the resort community.


Sometimes the best way to get brand attention is to launch a successful event. That is exactly what MBC and HarvestMoon did by creating one of the most successful brews and blues festivals in the country. By positioning MBC as the festival’s host, HarvestMoon created a positive image for this fledging brewery. Now in its 17th year, the festival has exceeded all expectations by attracting top blues performers, the best craft breweries in the country and sell-out crowds. The event is about lifestyle and social experiences, which is reflected in the event's interactive website and social media campaigns.

MBC, as the festival host/sponsor, and HarvestMoon, as the festival producer/promoter/marketer, have created a unique branding scenario for MBC. Through a brand centric approach to public relations and festival management and promotion, MBC has expanded its distribution, defined its image, created powerful and supportive alliances, and established their reputation as a leader in the craft brew industry. The success of this festival confirms that events are a powerful tool to establish a brand and increase demand for products year after year.

To view the Bluesapalooza website, click here.

As a subnote, the festival has provided additional opportunities for hundreds of breweries, wineries, vendors, sponsors, and nonprofit organizations to showcase their special products and services.