Laurence Juber with Infinite Music Foundation

Infinite Music Foundation

Say It With Music

Pick up a newspaper or listen to a broadcast and not a day goes by without hearing about more budget cuts in our schools, particularly for programs that relate to music and the arts. The Infinite Music Foundation (IMF) was created to help inspire and fund innovative, regionally-based music programs that foster music education, empowerment, expression and appreciation. As a new nonprofit organization, IMF needed regional exposure and publicity to make the public aware of its mission.


Starting a nonprofit organization is just as challenging as starting any new business, especially in tough economic times. The same rules apply—establish a brand and tell your story. HarvestMoon, working closely with IMF board members created a compelling mission statement that told the story verbally, and a contemporary visual identity that conveyed the infinite possibilities of music as an art form and IMF as an organization.

What better way to launch a new organization, garner positive publicity, raise funds and increase awareness for a worthy cause then to stage a premiere event. The challenge, however, is always money. Working with an extremely limited budget, HarvestMoon was able to stage a high-caliber benefit concert. By utilizing their extensive talent and production networks, HMI was able to book a two-time Grammy award winning performer at a fraction of the normal fee and stage the concert at an historic, local venue. For an event to be successful, it also requires effective marketing and promotion. With the nonprofit’s limited startup funds, HarvestMoon’s marketing and design team created beautiful collateral pieces, a dynamic website and publicity and social media campaign to spread the word. The result: the initial IMF kick-off raised enough funding to establish a local chapter of Guitars in the Classroom and firmly establish IMF as a philanthropic organization. HarvestMoon continues to work with IMF conducting outreach programs, developing publicity campaigns and planning fundraising events.

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