Bukachevsky Center for Facial Rejuvenation

Real Faces. Real People. Real Results

Dr. Bukachevsky, a board certified otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, needed to introduce and expand his facial rejuvenation practice in a growing and competitive marketplace.


Formerly known as a “facial surgery center,” Dr. Bukachevsky needed to reposition his practice to expand awareness of his specialization in not only aesthetic surgery but also in the growing and competitive arena of minimally-invasive procedures. New naming, identity, and an integrated print, and online and social media campaign as well as a CMS website were launched to differentiate the practice within a competitive industry tied to anonymous beautiful faces. Due to the enthusiastic support of a devoted patient base, HarvestMoon has developed a long-running campaign that revolves around real faces and real people—Dr. B’s actual patients. Since 2007, a photo and testimonial marketing campaign developed with actual patients portrays the trust, reputation and positive results so well-known with Dr. Bukachevsky and his Center.

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